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How to include a capacitor to an Ansoft Maxwell 3D eddy current design

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    Hi experts,
    I wonder any one of you have an idea on whether we can include a discrete component (specifically a capacitor) in to an "Ansoft Maxwell 3D" eddy current design. Little more description: I do have a specific eddy current design with a coils. I need to add a series capacitor and analyze the fields.
    Thanks in advance.
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    In eddy current solver there is no such a possibility. To do this, use transient solver and maxwell cicruit editor.
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    Hi gerbi,
    Thanks for the prompt response. I will try on that path.. further, if you have any help doc explains working with both (Ansoft Maxwell & Circuit editor) together can you pls share with me.
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    Send me a PM with your email adress. I have some Maxwell tutorials.

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    Thanks. PM Sent.
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    I followed similar steps in the manual using transient solution along with Maxwell circuit editor. My target is to achieve B field distribution of a resonance loop with a series capacitor. (circuit and model is attached.)

    My issue is B field distribution is not available with my design.
    Can you please advice me where did I do wrong.

    Thank you very much!

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