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Medical Antibiotic effects of salvia apiana

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    I found this article:
    Heres a quote from it:
    I recently (before I came across that article) tried smoking this herb to satisfy a spontaneous urge so this gets me wondering if smoking this substance could be used to combat lung and nasal infections. I'm not suggesting anyone try this as that would be reckless and dangerous because the plant may contain harmful compounds and burning them may produce additional harmful degradents but I think its worth researching. They isolated numerous compounds from this species of salvia but the most promising one seems to be 16-hydroxy-12-methoxy-methylcarnosate. I can't find any info on this compound but I suppose we could make an educated guess on what the boiling point and decomposition point of the compound may be. I'm a chem major but I'm in no way experienced enough to make a good estimate on something like that. Any takers?

    EDIT: Also, why are there not more smoked or nebulised antibiotics in use? I'd assume intravenous or inhalation would be a superior route for many infections because you avoid wiping out your gastrointestinal fauna of friendly bacteria like you do when taking them orally. I'm guessing its down to convenience. More convenient for a person to pop a pill than inject themselves. Inhalers are pretty convenient though. I've never heard of smoking being used in conventional medicine, I wonder why. Inhaling the vapour of a volatile drug compound is an effective ROA.
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    Ah, I completely forgot about asthma cigarettes. My father told me that when he was a kid, asthmatic kids would bring datura (a plant containing atropine and other anticholinergics) into school and use them recreationally to induce a state of delerium. I suspect they are a thing of the past for obvious reasons.
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    You post some weird topics. Anyways, why do you need smoke everything. Why isnt eating it or boiling it and drink it like any better of a solution like all herbs that were used thousands of years ago ? Are you smoking it to get high or something.
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    Why not smoke it? Inhaling vapour allows the substance to be rapidly absorbed through the lungs and then carried, via the pulmonary vein to the heart, which pumps it throughout the body. Its a vastly superior ROA to oral ingestion. Cheaper than going out and buying a nebuliser. No, I did smoke salvia apiana to get high. As far as I know, there are no psychoactive compounds present in it. Salvia officianalis on the other hand contains thujone but I wouldn't particularly consider ingesting a GABA_a antagonist and 5-HT3 antagonist enjoyable.

    BTW who says I smoke everything? I don't even smoke tobacco. I take the occasional bong hit of datura and belladonna every now and then but thats it. Only joking, only the profoundly deranged would ingest anticholinergics recreationally.
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