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Any Automotive Engineers in here?

  1. Dec 31, 2003 #1


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    I'm on my way to getting a Masters from Texas A&M University in Mechanical Engineering, and am wondering if anybody here has a ME degree and is working in the automotive field.

    I was also wondering if anybody here can help me with what I should expect as I get closer towards my goal in terms of the subject matter I will be required to know.

    Finally, I plan on attending S.A.M. (School of Automotive Machinists) in the fall, as I take a year off from the classroom and move into the shop. Is anybody here acquainted with the school? If you are, has it helped you in your field?

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  3. Feb 18, 2016 #2
    I realize this is about 13 years too late for the OP, but I am an engineer, an automotive engineer, have a Master's in mechanical engineering and a P.E. in Texas.
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