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Any good suggestions on SR/GR

  1. Oct 14, 2007 #1
    Hello Guys!!

    Everything in this subject absolutely fascinates me to no end! Ive been trying to gain an intuitive understanding of the subject and it seems I can only do so in brief episodes! Particularly if I take a break and come back, It seems to make sense! For the few seconds it lasts its great! Then, not much unlike a vivid dream, it seems to dissipate. From there the harder I think the more aggravated I get:cry:

    I was wondering if there is a preferred method or system to help better understand GR, particularly Lorentz laws, Light cones, Time dialation and Minkowski spacetime. I realize a strong mathematical background is important if not required criteria for these subjects. Right now I have a calculus tutor in preperation for some calc. courses I have coming up in April.

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    I'd suggest Bondi's "Relativity and common sense", which is a dover paperback. I would then suggest following up with something like Taylor & Wheeler's "Space-time physics".
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    Learn to draw and interpret spacetime diagrams.
    Learn to think geometrically and "invariantly" (e.g. vectors not [coordinate-dependent] components).
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    Thanks Guys!!! I love this site!!!
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