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Any pet odor removers that actually work?

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    Too many on the market, too many promises. Is there certain chemicals that I should look for when I'm shopping for pet odor removal products?

    Move okay. (Chemistry? General?)
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    I use Natures Miracle and it helps for cat urine. Not perfect, but it's the best I've found.
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    I used their repellant spray and my cat peed on it.
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    My experience.
    In order of strength.
    Bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda.
    Bleach has worked for me on pet thrashed houses.
    I have de-skunked dogs and things with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.
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    Having grown up with cats I've noted it is often a health problem. If they are uncomfortable when peeing they seem to associate it with the place they are using, so they try somewhere else. I happened across an article about the behaviour and remembered this thread. The article starts out about dogs but quickly moves on to cats. Hope it helps!

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    jim mcnamara

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    BTW - if you have a male cat , neutering reduces the intensity of the stink of male cat urine.

    Enzymatic cleaners are required to break down uric acid (and felinine) to stop thiol synthesis by bacteria. Period. The End. - that is the stuff that stinks like H&LL.
    EDIT: felinine is the source of sulfur.

    And according to this article, cat pee has a 'half life' of 6 years. It also explains why enzymatic cleaners are required. And why cats pee on areas you previously cleaned/deodorized with other products. As @Noisy Rhysling said 'and my cat peed on it'


    Felinine, 2-amino-3-propanoic acid, is a molecule in cat urine and is a precursor by microbial action of the putative cat pheromone and thiol called 3-mercapto-3-methylbutan-1-ol. Another smell bad. So old cat pee "communicates" long after the cat has peed and passed through the area.
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