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Any 'science' jobs for undergraduates

  1. Jan 29, 2011 #1
    Hey guys,

    I'm currently doing undergrad studies in biology, and I live with my folks. The thing is, I need to move out and live on my own, because the situation is insufferable and gets worse every day. I was wondering if there is anything in any sort of science area that I can get full time work in, however basic, while I go to school at night, so I can support myself and live on my own? Or do I need to at least have a bachelor's in said science field to get any sort of basic science job, and if I want to work full time now I'm going to have to settle for something outside the realm of science? Any ideas/links/advice is truly appreciated r!!! Thanks so much in advance :)
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    Lab Tech/Assistant, although, I'm not sure you would be doing anything which consititutes science work. Your duties would probably have more in common with a restaurant dish washer.
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    Ok that sounds like a good start - thx for the reply :) - i wonder though if simply being in that environment would be uplifting and motivating, being surrounded by science taking place. Surely for someone interested in science it's the lesser of two evils compared with, say, for example, full-time at starbucks? :D
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    Indeed, although a lab may look fondly at your hypothetical starbucks work experience during the selection process.

    Any job, would be a good job if you have no work experience. As they say, beggars can't be choosers etc.. etc..
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    - check the student employment office as they often will be aware of any posted local positions and can help you establish some contacts
    - ask around your department and associated departments (start with your own professors)
    - if you're technically savvy, some departments will hire IT staff to assist with maintaining their networks
    - highschool outreach programs are sometimes run by lab techs
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    Not sure where you are, but if you have temp agencies there, try them - especially the ones that specialize in science/tech. They place a lot of lab techs. They aren't great jobs but like everyone said, they give fantastic work experience, and you get your foot in the door somewhere.

    Good luck!
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