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Any value to Spivak's Differential Geometry set?

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    I have the hardback 5 volume set of Spivak's A Comprehensive Introduction to Differential Geometry that is in pretty good shape. Is there any value to that set? I tried looking it up, but I don't really see many people selling whole sets, so I can't tell....

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    Quantum Defect

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    Most places seem to sell individual volumes. I found one listing that was selling the entire set:


    From looking at the prices of individual volumes, this listing looked like it was a good deal. ($175 + shipping)
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    Good fine. I had looked on abebooks, but didn't see that. It seems like a popular series (I really don't know much about it), but like you pointed out, it seems to almost always be sold individually.
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    Well, I went ahead and posted it on ebay, we shall see what turns up. Thanks.
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    oh you meant monetary value. since this is a math site i naturally assumed you meant intellectual and pedagogic value.
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    Yeah, that was my fault. It seemed like a popular series and a well done setup; sadly, I am just not intelligent enough to follow it!
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    have you opened it? surely some parts appeal to you. you seem intelligent.
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