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Anybody here ever have a concussion?

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    Hey Everyone,

    Weird question, but has anyone who has had a concussion in the past noticed a marked degradation in their ability to preform cognitively at the same level after their concussion?

    The background is I hit my head on the ground yesterday and I can't get to the doctor until Friday. I'm a graduate student and I'm just wondering what other people's experiences were like and whether their is a possibility that I would notice something in my work going forward.

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    Sorry, we can't provide medical advice here, it's against our policy.

    You really should find a way to see a doctor sooner than Friday.
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    Why didn't you go to the ER? When I got a concussion, I was taken by ambulance to the ER.

    There is no way we can guess if anything went wrong.
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    If you hit your head and have noticed " a marked degradation in their ability to preform cognitively", that is pretty much the definition of "emergency". You should go to the ER. Now.
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    If one feels a change in one's mental/cognitive faculties following a head trauma, one should go to the hospital emergency room (ER) as others have suggested.

    The severity of the condition depends on what part of the brain is injured and whether or not blood vessels rupture, whether or not there is a pre-existing condition, one's age, etc. One extreme case is that of actress Natasha Richardson, who had what appeared to be a 'miinor fall'. Well that incident produced was became a fatal injury that required immediate medical intervention.


    http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/20/health/20braincnd.htm [Broken]
    Head/brain injuries are very serious.
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