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Anyone been to Croatia?

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    I'm looking into traveling to Croatia for a few days. Has anyone been there? What are the sights to see, what is the general vibe? Also, is it safe to venture around in Bosnia and Serbia a bit?
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    Croatia is quiet nowadays but it wouldn't be my first choice for a holiday destination. But interesting archeologic sites over there.

    You would get very happy in Bosnia, although the repair activities are progressing nicely

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    What is wrong with Croatia? Another option is Greece, but everyone goes to Greece, I thought Croatia was a more unique choice? :)
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    You can't go wrong with the Mediterranean coast! I think Split is a very nice coastal town. I've never been to any of the three countries, but heard positive accounts about Zagreb.

    P.S. with the recent fires in Greece, I'd definitely opt for Croatia. Although I do think Greece has very nice coastal areas, too.
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    Unusual choice. I found their tourist board website which you've probably already looked at.

    http://www.croatia.hr/English/Destinacije/Odredista.aspx [Broken]

    Other than that I have no useful information to add.
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    Radou's from Croatia, isn't he?
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    It is but there is a reason for that choice. Although this year Greece is burned down :-(

    Just what do you want to see in a European holiday? Beaches, culture, history, people, nature?
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    What are those reasons?

    Can I have all those things? :)
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    I think Demystifier is also (he seems like a fiendly guy)

    oops friendly
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    Beaches, culture, history, people, nature.

    You could in Greece, you could even see the longest mammal tusks in the world. But there is something with nature, lots of fires have destroyed most of the forests
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    Slovenia would be my unusual destination.
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    i just got back from a spontaneous and completely unexpected vacation to israel... i gotta admit I never thought I would go there ever, but there you have it. It was on the Mediterranean, beautiful, and ancient. I say go to Croatia, unusual might turn out to be awesome =D
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    A former co-worker of mine was married to a guy from Macedonia. I'd probably like to visit there for the rugged scenery, ruins from the Roman and Byzantine empires, etc.
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    ok croatia is out of the question, because it will likely be too cold when we plan to go somewhere in Jan. Now three options my gf likes is north africa. So, Moracco, Egypt and Tunisa. Anyone have exp with these countries? OR the Spanish islands of Ibiza, Menorca, and Majorca or the Canary Islands.
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    Definitely the Canaries. Best choice is La Palma. It has the everything we discussed before, but then more intense. And it has the best climate in the world. Average temps in January in the 70s, in July in the 80s.
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    La Palma is the most beautiful of the canary islands - it is also the least touristic ( except for the tiny ones you can't drive on!)
    The the capital Santa Cruz has the airport and port and most restaurants/hotels, the main beach resort is on the other side of the island.
    Get a hire car and explore the middle, it's failry small with lots of walks.
    Weather in the winter is a bit less reliable than north africa - can be cloudy for days on end but if you like outdoors/walking as well as lying by the pool it's great.

    You can fly direct form spain about once/week otherwise there are regular turboprop flights from Teneriffe and a nightly ferry.

    The Taburiente Playa hotel is fantastic place with great food 10 mins walk from the capital on the way to the airport - used to be a great deal before spain joined the Euro, and we used to get discounts working at the observatory. Don't know how much it is now.

    You should also drive upto the observatory on the summit - there aren't official tours of the telescopes but if you knock on a door and look interested some grad student will probably show you around. The views from teh summit are stunning.
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    Slovenia is gorgeous.

    Ibiza and Majorca are good for beach/drinking/clubbing holidays. Morocco and Egypt are great for some culture. Can't comment on Tunisia or the Canary Islands.
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    Obviously I'm late for the topic, but anyway...

    That's correct. Any coastal town is nice, I'd specially recommend Zadar and Dubrovnik (although Dubrovnik is extremely expensive, but then again, it all depends on what type of holiday we're looking into). Actually, there is a huge number of smaller towns and places on the Croatian coast too, which are even more charming, but laying out the details here would be too much text right now.

    Yes, he is. :smile:
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