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News Anyone Heard of Tax Competition?

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    This was a first for me (although the concept is not new). Here's a video on Tax Competition:
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    Considering this is your umpteenth no-content thread in a week, I suggest you lay off your single-line comment + url link threads that produce nil discussion.

    And the ones that get replies are usually extremely provocative anyways, so you should at least stick to the trolling - because you do that well.
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    Does this thread meet the forum guidelines??
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    I don't get why the same few people keep having an issue with my posts? It doesn't seem that I am harming anyone by putting up something for them to read or watch. If they don't want to watch, they don't have to.

    I personally put these things up because I wanted to hear the inputs of others. I have some of my own opinions on the video, but to start a post with my own opinions would mean that the only thing we'll be discussing is what I said. Sometimes I genuinely am interested in other peoples inputs about something, as opposed to starting an argument right off the bat.
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