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Anyone here understands how a [overhead fan works?]

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    Ello, does anyone here understand how a standard overhead fan and air flow works? If so, what would happen if you're just chilling in your room with the door closed,windows shut and fan off, then the fan just speeds up to around90% thespeed of light for a second. Would that kill me, suck me through the roof/force me through the ground? Just wondering.
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    "0.9 c?" Nothing --- the air in the room would "see" the volume swept by the fan as a solid circular plate.
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    What if is a great site answering these sorts of questions. This one will give you an idea what an everyday object would do close to c;
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    In addition, we could ask how the fan blades could stay attached to the fan long enough. Induced fusion is enough to evaporate the whole building in either case, but if we start with a few blades moving at up to 90% the speed of light we get several plasma clouds moving in different directions!

    To get an effect on air flow alone, we have to keep the speed more realistic (of the order of the speed of sound).
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