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Anyone know how to use DOSBox? Help please!

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    I've just installed an old game designed to run in DOS but I can't run it. A friend told me I need to run it with DOSBox, which I've installed, but still no joy.

    I've followed its instructions on mounting a C drive etc and when I type the file path I want I get this error:

    Does anyone know what this means & how I'd fix it?
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    Do you just mean a DOS box in the Accessories in Windows? Just click Start, All Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt.

    Does that get you what you want?
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    No, DOSbox is a separate program that I'm told allows me to run old programs that windows will not. I've tried the game in the DOS prompt too but no luck there either.
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    I didn't know about DOSBox until just now, but from this page it seems that the software is far from finished and the bugs you run into may be attributable to current incompatibilities with your hardware. You can always boot in DOS to run the game if this is your only concern. If you don't have a DOS boot floppy or even a floppy drive, you can try FreeDOS, it boots from a CD...
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    Depending on the game, Glidos may be the best solution. It was first made for the orignal TombRaider, but now there are a large collection of games it works with.

    Glidos converts the old DOS VESA (int 10h) calls into OpenGL (preferred) or DirectX, while running from a dos console window under Windows XP. It uses a freeware program called vdmsound to convert soundblaster calls into XP type sound functions. It also allows many older games to run at higher resolution (although the number of polygons used in the game will remain the same unless there's a special patch for the game). Here's a link:

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    Thanks guys. I'll give FreeDOS a try. Doesn't look like Glidos supports my game, though I suddenly want to find a copy of Grand Theft Auto. :biggrin:
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