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Windows 8.1 down after updates

  1. Jun 3, 2015 #1
    My windows 8.1 pro is dead now after I installed many updates. I don’t which one is causing the error but now the computer screen keep flickering after I log on and there are no application icons being loaded in the task bar; my mouse keeps “loading”.
    I have tried to do a system restore on several restored points but all emit the same error saying that
    “System Restore could not access a file. This is probably because an anti-virus program is running on the computer. Temporary disable your anti-virus program and retry system restore…(0x80070005)”

    I think this probably has nothing to do with AV engines at all. I have chosen System Image Recovery and access my drive where I installed the AV engines and changed their folder names which in turn disables any of its components being loaded by the system from startup.

    Also I've tried choosing Startup Repair. Yet the system responds it can’t be fixed right now. I then tried out Startup Settings to enter safe mode but I got the original black flickering screen without icons except a blank task bar.

    Symptom summary: Windows is Bootable, log-on screen is displayed but after logging on, I only see an empty task bar and the whole screen flicker repeatedly. Resetting the windows to the original state using Recovery Tools (Shift+F8 or Shift+Restart) fails. Windows Restore fails, system image recovery fails.

    It takes too much time to resolve things like this.
    Good news is I've almost done my homework and save things in drive D that is not where windows 8.1 pro is installed. :nb)

    Could you guide me to resolve this issue ?
    Thank you everyone.
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    Screen flickering? Maybe reinstall your graphics driver?
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    This suggests that anti-virus software might have something to do with it...

    When you boot up, are you on the network/wifi?

    Sometimes when I have boot-up problems, I boot up a Linux live distro (via CD/DVD or USB) like Knoppix and have a look around.
    (Of course, you'd need access to a working networked computer to get it.)
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    Thanks you Greg and robphy for your ideas,
    I gave my C drive a go to heaven or hell already by reinstalling the windows.
    I found my DVD drive was almost dying, every time I entered BIOS setup I found his option to boot my computer from wasn't there anymore. I could still see him while accessing explorer windows in System Image Recovery and I could only click to open him once though since the second click would freeze the whole recovery wizard (I tried out 3 times).
    Now with the new OS installed, he is clearly deleted from my "This PC" tree.
    I also read an article in MS page about this error 0x80070005 but after my computer death, I don't know whether or not unchanged desktop.ini is the only reason for such an emitted error.
    Ok, note taken for future use.
    I am yet to be in a hurry to hand in my homework and for an online job test I was invited to take soon this week, but for almost 48 hours this erroneous stuff always on my nerve has got me down nowhere.
    Thanks a lot.
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    Thank you, that's very useful resources. Yet my DVD ROM seems dead. Even though I now reinstalled the OS, I still can't see its icon on "This PC" anymore. I worked with USB to reinstall everything.
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