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Anyone knows what this means? Something to do with Thermodynamics?

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    It's been posted in an obscure corner of the physics department forever and I think it'd be nice to know what the heck this is all about.

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    Enthalpy and Gibbs free energy. The first one is the internal energy plus the energy necessary to displace a rabbit's volume worth of air. Gibbs free energy then subtracts from that the heat that will flow into the rabbit from he environment. The idea is that a wizard would require this amount of energy to create a bunny out of thin air.
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    It's a composite of two figures from Schroeder's Introduction to Thermal Physics: Figure 1.15 on page 33, and Figure 5.1 on page 150.
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    Thank you both. That's a really good way of quickly remembering what those energies can do.
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