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Anyone with info on spoonbending

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    Anyone with info on spoonbending... moving stuff by thought. Here's the thread for your stories or de-bunkery.
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    Oh, I can do spoon bending. The secret is to flex the spoon slightly back and forth until it undergoes metal fatigue and fractures.
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    Yeah, but can you do it with your head?

    Better yet, can you balance one on your nose, using no spit?
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    Actually there is a way to fake it by preweakening the stem of the spoon with heat. I don't know the detqails but it's a standard stage magic act.

    Uri Gellar was the most famous spoon bender. He started as a normal stage magician, but then claimed to have real telekinetic powers, which brought him international fame. Two physicists with Stanford Research International (SRI, a government science contractor) claimed to have done rigorous tests to confirm his claims. Skeptics like the Amazing Rangy attacked him. On one occasion he appeared on the Johnny Carson show and did his act with the paranormal claims. Johnny, who was a professional stage magician himself, showed him up pretty badly. It's a pity this show isn't rerun in the schools to show the kids that if it seems too god to be true - it probably is.
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    Actually I did see a show about this guy in my 11th grade science class it was funny how the guy got showed up by johnny. The guys excuse was lame, something like he was getting bad vibes from him or something like that.
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    Re: Actually

    Should I count your post as 1 or 2 posts, Alpha and Omega!?

    Actually, I have experienced the sensation of objects moving in my proximity that I did not touch and I did not even want moved.

    It was in association with a certain state in my body and I could reveal the curcumstances but I won't. You can take it or leave it.

    What happened was simple, actually... a cup spun and wobbled and stopped. It probably happens everyday to everyone. But the action is so insignificant that it goes unnoticed.

    Once I had a kid run in front of a car right in front of me. The car hit him and he flew, spinning up int the air, out of his running shoes. When he landed he got up and looked right at me like I had just spun him up in the air and landed him softly to the ground...... then he ran like wild animal away from the accident. I took note... but I could not believe i had anything to do with his fate or his continued life. But, maybe I did. No one can prove anything either way.

    The point is, you must take notice of every incident within your sphere of influence. This is when you can start taking note of unusual or out of character occurances. This is good for all aspects of one's living arrangements.
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    I've seen a lot of magic tricks meant to fake teleknesis. Some involve elaborate uses of props or could be as simple as using a powerful magnet or weakening a spoon combined with some slight of hand. I've been fascinated with magic during my misspent youth and I've learned quite a few secrets behind the tricks. Most of the stuff you here reported have likely been demonstrated in shows and just tricks.

    This does not, however, mean that I do not think it is possible that the talent may exist. There's alot science has yet to discover and I am not the type to discount anything even as wild as telekinesis. I do, however, have what I believe to be healthy skeptism. So, at the same time I don't simply accept it exist either.

    Here's one telekinesis story I've heard from a physicist who seemed to truly believe it existed. According to him, an individual was recorded to be capable of stopping a frog's heart with simply their mind. One minute the frog was hopping around then suddenly it gets a heart attack on command. I for one think it's urban legend stuff, but it does question whether such a talent should exist. It may be too powerful a talent for any individual but then again the talent to build nuclear bombs is too powerful a talent for humans as well--in my opinion, of course.
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    Yes, but I prefer not to as it often leaves a mark.
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    A true psychokineticist can leave marks on any surface without touching it. Like the depression at the end of the bed where no one is sitting........ its kind of psychokinetic ventriliquism.
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    Interesting, but I was talking about the mark on my forehead from pressing a spoon against it...
  12. Jun 20, 2003 #11
    Become the spoon, luke.
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