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AP Calculus(HS) vs. Calculus 1 (College)

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    Hey, I am taking AP Calculus next year in High School. Is it the same thing as Calculus 1 for college? Reason why I ask I am looking to learn all of the material in advance..

    Would this be a solid guide to follow - http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/mathematics/18-01-single-variable-calculus-fall-2006/video-lectures/

    I know AP Calculus requirements are standard across all schools because there is a standardized Test at the end of the year..

    Thoughts? If the guide I linked wouldn't be what I am looking for, any other suggestions would be helpful.. (Video guides preferred)
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    Which AP Calculus? These are not an exact equivalences, but
    AP Calculus AB ≈ Calculus I
    AP Calculus BC ≈ Calculus II
    (I am assuming a two-semester single-variable calculus sequence; Calculus III would be the multivariable calculus course.)

    You could also try Khan Academy's Calculus videos. I know you said video guides preferred, but I think someone here recommended Paul's Online Math Notes (the Calculus I notes are here).

    Also, make sure that you know your algebra and trig. I've heard about students who rush to Calculus too early, only to stumble because their algebra and trig skills were weak.
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    Yeah, i've taken Alg 1/2 + Precalc (Trig)

    I'll take a look at those videos and notes.

    I am assuming its AP Calc AB, because our school only offers 1 Calc Course beside Precalc. I am just looking to try some different things because I can't find any math classes at my school that challenge me at all.
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    Well, just because a student took those courses doesn't necessarily mean that he/she knows the algebra and trig well. :wink:
    In some high schools, one can jump from Precalculus to AP Calculus BC, because the topics in AB are actually a subset of the topics in BC.

    In some high schools where both AB and BC are offered, a student takes AB or BC, depending on how he/she did in the precalculus course, or whether the precalculus course was accelerated or not.

    In other high schools where both are offered (like mine), the AB course is a prerequisite of the BC course. But the topics in BC that go beyond AB are not enough for a full-year course, so some teachers will either put in extra review of AB topics, introduce some multivariable calculus, or introduce other topics.
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    Wish my school was like yours lol.
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