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Application of Gas Law at super-low volume

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    When we discuss about Gas Law : [Charles Law, Boyle Law and Gay Lussac Law ] are they still applicable at super low volume and temperature. At such conditions, the gases would undergo phase transition and convert to solid. So will the Gas Laws still be applicable at that stage??
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    But isn't this rather self-explanatory? It has been converted into a solid, so how would you expect a "gas law" to work then?

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    Even when it's still a gas, the ideal gas laws make a couple assumptions that break down at low temperatures, namely:

    1) The volume of the gas molecules themselves is insignificant compared to the overall volume of the gas
    2) The gas molecules only interact through elastic collisions - they don't have other intermolecular forces or interactions

    As the density of the gas goes up, and the molecular speed goes down, both of these assumptions start to break down. Really, the ideal gas laws are fantastic for most gases at typical conditions (a few hundred K or higher, and pressures not higher than a couple MPa), but if you get into more unusual circumstances, they do break down.
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