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  1. W

    I Gas Law - increasing temperature with constant volume held

    I've set up a simple experiment to look at the ideal gas laws. My experiment is relatively simple in that I have a metal tube which is capped on one side. I am then pressurising the tube with air to 100 psi and locking it off. My thought is that as the pressure increased, with volume held...
  2. Anachronist

    I Pressure and temperature of expanding humid air

    As a follow-on to this thread, which in turn followed this closed thread, I'm starting a new thread on a related real-world problem. Say I have a 2-liter plastic soda bottle filled partway with water, and pressurized. It has been sitting inverted (with the opening pointed down, and sealed) for...
  3. wasup23

    I Introducing two identical containers with different gasses

    If you have two different containers filled with two different gasses at the same temperature, would they have less pressure when connected to each other? Dalton's law states that each of the gases behave independently when it comes to pressure as they fill the space as if they were the only gas...
  4. Z

    I Gas Law applying to air vs water vapor

    Say we have a tire filled with air (equal to ambient air surrounding it in every way). pressure on the gauge is 0. Then, we pressurize it to 1 ATM (15psi). If we heat the tire , the air will be heated and expand based on gas law, or is there a factor that changes it based on the air's...