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Applications of Interference of Light Waves

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    I just had some questions. Is there any jobs or careers that directly relate with the interference of light waves. I know that an optical engineer would be one but they would create lenses for telescopes and stuff. I don't understand how that would relate to the interference of light, are there more examples of jobs perhaps?
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    Heaps of fields make use of interference, from the top of my head: optical communication, optical coherence tomography. Job titles of people who work on them would vary.
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    Oh! I never knew there were so many, before posting here I actually googled a lot about different types of jobs but I couldn't find how they would directly relate to interference,
    So like for example, optical communication would be almost like using lights to communicate and send messages, and the way that interference would be involved would be to prevent the waves from overlapping and losing data (because of nodes)?
    I am just guessing!
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    For example, when we pick out a specific channel in an optical communication system, which is a narrow band of wavelengths, we filter it out optically. A lot of optical filters are based on constructive interference on the wavelengths you want and destructive interfering others.
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    Thank you!
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    Anti-reflective coatings for optics and bandpass filters.
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