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Homework Help: Archimedes expiriment

  1. Feb 12, 2010 #1
    i have a brick at home
    i want to know what its weight
    if i will put it in a bucket of water
    the level of water will raise

    i know that 1 litter of water is 1kg

    the raised level is the volume of the brick

    how to know it weight
    i dont know its density?
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    Put the brick on a scale and weigh it.:wink:

    That's the obvious answer. If you're looking for a less obvious answer, tell us whether there are any restrictions on what you have to work with, what you can or cannot do, and so on. I.e., give us the complete problem statement.
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    he he :biggrin:

    Hi nhrock3! :smile:

    If the brick sinks to the bottom, it only displaces its volume of water.

    How do you think you could get it to displace its weight of water? :wink:
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