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Are newton's three laws applicable everywhere?

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    Are newton's three laws applicable everywhere in the universe?
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    Not really, but most places, especially here on earth a low speeds and energies. but they are still very useful. They are not good at velocities at a high percent of lightspeed, c, nor near singularities where gravity is intense...like black hole interiors/centers...but then nothing else works very well there either. Considering he not only derived the laws but the differential and integral calculus for planetary oribits,etc,....a monumental achievemnt of the human mind...

    Einstein's gravity ala Newton was expanded from just mass to energy and pressure which Newton did not know about....

    Just now Pioneer Spacecraft are observed to be under an unanticipated acceleration, not understood, towards the sun, that varies from Newton and Einstein theories....if the preliminary data is in fact substantiated....
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    As our teacher tells us if they got us to the moon they are useful.

    However in the quantam level and cases with very high speed they cannot be used.
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