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Are we being over worked?

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    I find that everyone, from poverty class to celebrity status, is being over worked. The poor man can't survive on one job, so he finds that he needs more work (part/full time) to keep up with the bills. The middle class works long hours in hope of advancement. The rich man never sleeps and celebrities work 20 hour shifts. College students are worked to the bone so they can get the best GPA and secure a future.

    Now there are some jobs that still maintain the decency in 40/week. But I find this is becoming less common.

    Is all this work neccessary? Has competition always been this fierce? I really think more people could fill in professional roles so that we don't rely on scarce experts who must be over paid. Maybe I'm just not thinking straight, it is 6am, and I am still debating about courses. Or maybe life is this dull. Just a thought.
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    Everytime I have a chance to donate to a game, a prize etc, I am ready to offer most money that astonishes all people in the city for my richness; Yes, I have worked very hard to earn a single penny.
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    Not only does my wife have to work in order for us to keep up, but she has had to take a second job. That's still no good, so now it seems that I will have to look for work.
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    Is she really that selfish!?
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    I've pretty much run the gambit of wealth and I've found that it doesn't really matter how much you make its never quite enough. I can't speak for everyone, but I find I tend to live at a level just above what I can afford at the time. I'd like to try the high end some more so porums if you'd like to donate a couple hundred thousand to the cause I'd be sure keep everyone informed as to my findings.
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    I find certain British rules stupid, i have been forced to stop working and driving because some doctor thinks i may have epilepsy, this is all well and good if there is a quick track method to determine one way or the other, but no, i may have to wait weeks or even months to find out, sure there is a very slim chance i could harm myself or others, but that chance is less than say allowing a heart attach victim to drive/work, or a known alcoholic, in the mean time my work mates are having to pull double shifts.
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    Don't feel bad. You know what,? I was going to say something stupid about filling your shoes, but I'm not in the "be a dick" mood. It sucks not being able to work when you want to. I'm having a hard time finding a job since I was laid off.
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    My parents have taught me to always live below your means, and never buy anything you don't have the cash for (with the exception of a house).

    It's a very simple rule, yet society (well America's consumer society at least) tells us that we always need just one more thing.

    I find this ridiculous, and think that a lot of people would actually be happier if they stopped worrying about acquiring wealth and material goods and just started living life.

    For the record, my father is a professor and my mother was a secretary. Together they didn't have a whole lot of money problems to deal with after they bought paid off their house since they lived well below their means.
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    Each of us makes the choice about how hard we work because each of us decides for ourselves "how much is enough". The trouble is, our perception of how much is enough is very much based on what we see as the status quo.

    All things considered, we all have it pretty fantastic. We have health, clean water, good food, a long life, etc. But we look around and we see that, unless we have cellphones and cable TV, we are "falling behind".

    It doesn't mean you aren't overworked, it just means that you have decided how much you need. How much you need and how much you work are both entirely your choice.
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    Not being able to find work also sucks, every time i have left a job i all ways found another within weeks, but with todays climate and with a black mark against me i do not even know where i would start.
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    Earning too much is bad for the environment. It contributes to global warming.

    In fact, while the increasing number of old people is going to be bad for Social Security and result in higher taxes for young people, they will be very good for the environment. Old people drive less, but they spend more on heating and air conditioning, so there's no gain there.

    The decisive factor is that they're usually poorer than they were when they were working, so they buy less. If they buy less, then less has to be made, reducing the green house emissions that would be caused by making the stuff people buy. Even better, Social Security taxes will have to be raised to support all of these old people, so even young people will wind up buying less.

    Best of all, if people can't buy stuff to fill up their leisure time, maybe they'll get bored with it and do something productive with their life - like work a little more.
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    You mean you will help me to bring this story up front for everyone to know,andI will pay some money for it ? [like putting up an ads ?]
    If so, could you tell me where I can 'donate' the money ? as well as how you will do it ?
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    sure, you send me a check for lots of money. I'll go out and spend the money. then I'll come back here and tell everyone how my life is so much better. Just send the check to Brian Whipple, 10 N. Parsell, Mesa, Arizona 85203.
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