Are you a vegetarian?

What are you?

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  3. Vegetarian but I eat some kinds of meat (like fish, chicken,...)

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  1. micromass

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    Are you a vegetarian??

    Hello all!!

    I'm posting this topic because I had a very interesting discussion with ArcanaNoir last week on the subject. We had a discussion on why people eat meat and if we really need it. This caused me to wonder if there are many vegetarians or so on PF. So that's why I'm posting the poll. I hope at the same time that we could get an interesting discussion on the subject.

    So, if anybody has remarks, stories or criticism: bring it on :smile:
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  3. Evo

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    Re: Are you a vegetarian??

    I do eat meat, but I mostly eat vegetables. Until a few years ago, I only ate red meat maybe 2-3 times a year. Since I started having problems after my stomach surgery a few years ago, I have increased my red meat consumption to at least once a week. I find it makes me feel better. I guess I need the natural nutrients.

    Emotionally, I could not eat any animal if I had to kill it.
  4. turbo

    turbo 7,063
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    Re: Are you a vegetarian??

    I need to eat meat. Chicken, fish, pork, beef... I love fruits and vegetables, but can't imagine subsisting on them.
  5. turbo

    turbo 7,063
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    Re: Are you a vegetarian??

    Grow up in a family that hunts/raises animals for slaughter, and that objection could go away pretty quickly. The worst debacle was when my uncle let his kids name a pair of piglets "Romeo and Juliet". Not his shining moment.
  6. Evo

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    Re: Are you a vegetarian??

    I mentally distanced myself from eating meat as soon as I knew what it was. As long as it came in styrofoam trays and covered in plastic wrap, it wasn't real.
  7. turbo

    turbo 7,063
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    Re: Are you a vegetarian??

    Holy cow! As a kid, I helped slaughter and prepare livestock, and butcher and pack game. My parents grew up during the depression and we couldn't afford to be too "delicate" about the treatment of animals. Luckily, we had relatives who had working farms and were willing to let my folks share the costs of buying and feeding critters, so we could share in the meat. Fall was when our freezer got stocked for the next year.

    Lugging dish-pans full of pig intestines, scraps, blood, etc to the farmhouse for the women to process kind of brought stuff home. Not a lot of (actually none!) styrofoam and shrink-wrap on the farms. It sure was nice to have sausages, bacon, chops, etc for the winter and spring.

    My father was a pretty dedicated poacher, too, when I was a kid. We would have meals of roasts, steaks, etc, that were all moose-meat back when moose were protected here. He never told me until he figured I was old enough to keep a secret.
  8. Evo

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    Re: Are you a vegetarian??

    You have to admit, that's not the experience of the majority of children.
  9. Re: Are you a vegetarian??

    My parents didn't let me do those things but I would see people slaughter livestock .. so the reason I was a vegetarian at that age.
  10. Re: Are you a vegetarian??

    i am a committed omnivore. i think it is a nutritional necessity backed by science. and i consider subjecting children and women of childbearing age to such practices as veganism is a crime.

    i wish i'd had more of a farm education like turbo, but all i ever got to do was clean fish. but maybe one of these days i'll get into hunting a bit. i've got a bit of fetish for things like primitive archery and other things most of us have forgotten.
  11. Re: Are you a vegetarian??

    I eat meat, maybe two or three times a week, and vegetarian otherwise. I'm not vegetarian, but meat is expensive and I like vegetables, especially in the wok, or roasted. I can make a really nice curry with no meat for about $8 that feeds 3 (or me, 3 times!)
  12. Pengwuino

    Pengwuino 6,942
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    Re: Are you a vegetarian??

    I like plants, they are pretty and make oxygen for us. Why people find it okay to senselessly kill them, take their fruit, and subsequently feed off of them is beyond me. I eat meat and try to minimize the pain plants must go through in order for me to survive.

    Cows, on the other hand, cause global warming and are plant murderers. They made their decision and I am simply seeking justice.

    Also, what kind of option is "Vegetarian but I eat some kinds of meat"? THEN YOU'RE NOT VEGETARIAN. That's like saying you're a mathematician but you also do useful things.
  13. Re: Are you a vegetarian??

    I am tempted to make the last line my signature :d but I might get assainated by mathies :(
  14. wukunlin

    wukunlin 386
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    Re: Are you a vegetarian??

    not a vegetarian but I can easily live as one
  15. Pythagorean

    Pythagorean 4,483
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    Re: Are you a vegetarian??

    We've tried to eat vegetarian a couple times a week, but it's failed so many times. It always leaves a hole in my stomach whenever I can actually get them down. Maybe we just don't know how to prepare vegetarian meals (lentil-loaf was the last attempt... we went out for burgers after a couple bites).
  16. Re: Are you a vegetarian??

    "Vegetarian but I eat some kinds of meat (like fish, chicken,...)"

    What? Lol, that's not vegetarian!
  17. Borek

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    Re: Are you a vegetarian??

    I am a vegetarian 4-5 days a week.
  18. Re: Are you a vegetarian??

    Vegetarian since birth.
  19. Re: Are you a vegetarian??

    By definition, any human who has ever nursed is not vegan.

    Well, at least they weren't then.
  20. Monique

    Monique 4,445
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    Re: Are you a vegetarian??

    This is not true, there have been many studies that have shown that a vegetarian diet meets our nutritional requirements. We've had this discussion before. Just examine the literature, the data is very clear.

    Also, if you look at the literature it has been shown that a vegetarian diet has a protective effect on cardiovascular disease, colon cancer, GERD and diabetes. If you examine the literature that list can be made longer.
  21. Re: Are you a vegetarian??

    My parents raised me to be 'vegequarian' or 'pescaterian', or 'a vegetarian who eats fish'.

    Once I spent a summer living on a Greek island, being a student I couldn't afford to eat fish, there really was only one option for me to eat at dinner times, a fairly bland pasta dish with red peppers and tomatoes. I was making a geological map of the island so spent long days trekking up goat paths in blazing midday heat. After a month of this my body was feeling a bit depleted, furthermore I was with a friend who seemed to think it was his duty to get me to eat meat, one night after an ouzo or two, I ate a chicken kebab for the first time. I liked it. I ate chicken for about two years, until one day I had some really bad chicken and I just stopped, I haven't eaten chicken since (about 3 years now). I think the variability in the quality of meat really puts me off it, not to mention the cruelty to animals (battery chickens anyone?), and the deleterious effects on the environment.
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