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Homework Help: Arg basic centripetal motion

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    Astronauts use a centrifuge to simulate the acceleration of a rocket launch. The centrifuge takes 40.0 s to speed up from rest to its top speed of 1 rotation every 1.30 s. The astronaut is strapped into a seat 5.60 m from the axis.What is the astronaut's tangential acceleration during the first 40.0 s?

    now, i know how to find a(c) and a(t) with mass, but they dont give mass in this problem
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    so here is what i have:

    T= 1.3s
    r= 5.6
    tf= 40 s
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    if i had mass, i could just plug it into T=(mv^2)/r

    v would be easy to find
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    ahhhhh 45 minutes. any help would be appreciated
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