Armstrong reportedly tested positive for EPO


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    Sports are pathetic, just like the French newspapers
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    I know a rather amusing joke about this, but I think Evo would have my guts for garters if I posted it. PM me for details...
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    I wonder how long EPO remains detectable after use. During chemotherapy (and starting prior to it), EPO can be prescribed to cancer patients to help protect against some of the fatigue from disruption of RBC production.

    However, the tests were done on old samples, and the article stated:
    This suggests to me that the test is still unproven in old samples. There's no guarantee the results are accurate, even if the data being reported is real data. For all we know, the lab could have even added the EPO (or metabolites, whatever they are assaying) to the sample at the time for the purpose of determining how it is degraded over time when they knew they were developing the tests.

    Besides, without seeing the protocol and actual data, the tabloid is expecting people to just trust that they've interpreted it correctly.
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    Yeah, sure hope it's just the tabloid going for sales on this, Armstrong has been an inspiration at times.
  7. The french are lying. Because they hate Lance's freedom to win.
  8. LOL inha awesome
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