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Artificially Creating Clouds

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    Lately I have been getting into meteorology and things alike. I have heard of people controlling the weather. So, what are some methods of creating clouds? List as many methods as you can.
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    I recently had a conversation which ended abruptly when I was informed the US wanted to get to the moon first to control the weather. :uhh:

    On a brighter note, look up "cloud seeding". I don't know much about it, but I've heard it's been done.
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    On a slightly unrelated note, I had a friend who was talking to some old guy one day. This guy stated, and I quote, "If they weren't shooting rockets up through the ozone, they wouldn't get them holes in it!".

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    1) http://www.magneticeast.com/ecology/rain.html
    This technique for creating clouds seems to have made some progress in the Islamic Middle East.

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    I'm going to look into this, it appears like a crackpot site from the outset - in fact it screams it. I'll report back on my findings.

    EDIT: Scrap that, here is something right down the bottom of the page that worries me:
    This is non-sense. It's no different to putting a magnet on your gas meter.

    They are claiming "after installation of magnetic generators, desert turned into a blooming garden.", yet for this to work you have to install irrigation - of course it's going to turn into a successful garden if you install irrigation, clouds or not. Not to mention the fact they want you to spread propoganda.

    5 years with a good irrigation system will give you good agriculture, no need for this mumbo jumbo.

    EDIT 2: They also claim the system reduces water useage, but gives up to 60% more crops.
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