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Arxiv in google trends

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    Is there any other "trend tool" available in altavista or yahoo? This one is pretty fuzzy. Looking in google trends
    you can see an increase of searches for the arxiv,
    but the "cities" region is disconcerting me. For 2004 it gives
    1. Paris, France
    2. London, United Kingdom
    For 2005
    1. Cambridge, MA, USA
    2. Rome, Italy
    3. Paris, France
    4. San Francisco, CA, USA
    For 2006:
    1. Trieste, Italy
    2. Oxford, United Kingdom
    3. Cambridge, MA, USA
    4. Paris, France

    But for the TOTAL:
    1. Orsay, France

    OK, I know Orsay is not far from Paris. But it was not in the partial listings!

    Also I wonder if the increase is due to a single machine searching into google. It seems to start August, the 21th.
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