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Arxiv stats as of December 2004

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    this page of stats is an update of one that Alejandro flagged some months back.

    It has a different URL now, and it continues the graphs up to December 04.


    Dont expect to see anything about quantum gravity or stringy research explicitly. this is only graphing the arxiv rates for HEP
    and Condensed Matter, and Astrophysics.

    also be cautious about drawing any conclusions merely from the changing rates that research papers are being written and preprints posted on arxiv.

    with that caveat, I have to notice the strong rise of Condensed Matter over the past 10-15 years. that at least is clear. might mean something. Comments?
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    a different database
    BTW Spires now recognizes keyword "loop quantum gravity"

    just type "k loop quantum gravity and date 2004" into the box
    the k stands for keyword
    and it will get 60 hits of LQG papers in 2004
    but still very crude, seems mostly just go by what it sees in the title.

    caveat, again caution is advised about interpreting any of this.

    (but it can be a way of gauging activity and also of finding papers one didnt know of already)
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