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Asteroid Impact

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    Is this a realistic scenario for an asteroid impact, given the simulated physical dimentions of this mass?

    http://www.spikedhumor.com/articles/34979/What_A_Meteor_Would_Do_If_It_Hit_Earth.html?autoplay=true" [Broken]
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    Why would something big enough hit with a strong enough impact to send lava/firewall thing all around the world, travelling faster then the speed of sound and engulfing the world in flames, not be strong enough to blow down some trees or a building for that matter?

    Why was the river nice and still untill it was hit, despite the massive amounts of earthquakes, wind and other stuff happening all around it.

    Those are just aesthetic points, not even physics problems. Those alone tell me that this is BS lol.

    Edit: Not only that but you see japan and china etc. get lifted up off their plates and thrown into the wave, yet at the end all the continents and countries hold their form perfectly.

    Edit2: Haha, some guy on the 2nd/3rd page said "wtf, why wasn't the meteor repelled by earth's green lifestream" - classic XD
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