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Astrophysicist moving into teaching

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    I'm a graduate in Astrophysics (well Computer Science, Physics and Astrophysics to include all my degrees) and as there are no jobs involving astrophysics I've been working for too many years in computers. In the last few years I've made my time worthwhile by volunteering at a local observatory to help with their outreach programmes and volunteering in local schools. Now it's time to admit that I only liked computers when they were used to do something useful and I'd far rather do something, anything, to do with science so I'm no longer working and applying for PGCE courses to go into physics teaching.

    It will probably end up being teaching all sciences because of the nature of the way that science is taught in schools these days but at least it won't be just another day of electronic paper shuffling.
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    Welcome to PF! Great to have you!
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