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Atoms in a heating object

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    the hotter an object is, the bigger it is. So, what is happening with atoms? Do they get bigger or are they any further from themselves? I'm interested in it and as I think the bigger temperature they have the bigger are those nuclear or atomic forces so they are further from themselves. I also tried to heat metal and if the weight changes while changing temperature but I have a bad weighting machine :D. I don't know if that really went down with the descreasing themperature or if it was the weighting machine... So tell me something verified about this and sorry for my bad english if I made some errors
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    Heating increases the energy of the atoms or molecules, so they need more room to move around. In other words, the spacing gets bigger.

    Weight should not change during heating.
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    yeah just like I thought, my first working theory, but it's already made by someone else :D.. but if not I would have my own theory :D
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    rather explanation
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