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Attempting writing. Looking for brains to pick for accuracy.

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    Hi I am a want to be writer that has high hopes publishing before I am 70, maybe. lol
    I have a short story idea that is slowly turning into a small novel and even if it never publishes I would like to keep junk science out of it. I am not sure where to post the thread for it or if this is the right forum but I would love some direction if you know the right place to discuss theoretical situations in space dealing with astrophysics.

    After perusing some threads here I think I will stick around and soak up some knowledge even if there is a forum better suited to my needs elsewhere.

    Thank you to anyone who puts the time in to help me out here, have a happy Newtonmass!

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    Welcome to PF!
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    Cheers!!! Thank you. Is there a way to edit my username? I was multitasking with my son and added the "q" by accident.
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    haha kids! I fixed it.
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    Gasp What sorcery is this! You wield great power good sir thank you.
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    You posted that just as I was searching for just that kind of forum. Thank you again Forum wizard!
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