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Attitude and lifestyle

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    i was wondering what views people have about the following statement:
    "you should be more concerned with the victims of crime rather than the criminals."

    i believe that we should be concerned about both the criminals and victims of crime. what do you think?:shy:
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    Depends on the interpretation. I see no problem with either. I think the victims are more important, but I also think society should be concerned with criminals in order to stop them from commiting more crimes.
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    If you don't concern yourself with the criminals then there will just be that many more victims.
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    Who then are more likely to donate campaign funds to those people that believe we should focus on the victims. its a vicious cycle, eh?
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    Usually, this has to do with whose rights are more important after a crime has already been committed than the issue of crime prevention. There should be a balance rather than one or the other.

    The statement is popular because, currently, there isn't a balance if the accused has a well funded defense team. The rights of a person accused of a crime are taken to such an extreme that prosecuting a crime can be almost as traumatic as the crime itself.

    Of course, the cirumstances where criminal rights are most likely to trample on the victim's rights are more indicative of the real problem. The outcome of trials is determined more by the amount of money the accused has than by the justice the constitution envisions. The poor are more likely to be falsely convicted - the rich are more likley to be wrongly acquitted.
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    I'm curious as to why the thread was titled "attitude and lifestyle." Doesn't seem on point.
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    I just figured the OP decided to pre-emptively hijack his own thread with his opening post before anyone else got the chance.

    That's not very sporting, by the way. Even if you hit the trifecta (initiate, hijack, and kill the same thread), it will be a tainted score. :rofl:
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    Wow. People are getting really devious around here.
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