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Average work per manhour

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    I realize that there are numerous factors to be considered when attempting to calculate something like this as no two people are alike, work environments differ, etc, but what I am trying to find out is roughly even, how much physical work (FxD=W) an average person can do in a specific time and if perhaps there is a verifiable (equation) connection to that persons caloric intake?
    Ex- on average, how much work could an average person under average/ideal/set working conditions produce per day/hour etc.
    EVen if you do not have an answer to this rather strange question directly, could you please point me in the right direction perhaps.
    Thank you for you time and consideration,
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    Here is a basic relation between watts and food calories:

    100 watts continuous (like metabolic rate) ≡ 2000 food calories per day.

    A healthy active athletic person can work at ~100 watts continuous for 8 hours.

    Use 1 food calorie = 4186 joules

    So 2000 food calories/day = 8,372,000 joules/day

    Divide by 24 and 3600 and get 96.9 joules/second = ~100 watts.

    Bob S
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    Thank you Bob, that was just the sort of information I was searching for.
    Much appreciated.
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