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BA in Chemistry

  1. May 27, 2013 #1
    I was contemplating majoring in chemistry when I go back to university. I don't want to do this physics (not that i don't like physics nor is it that i can't - just not interested in taking the classes).

    Thus, I would do a Bachelors of Arts instead of science to avoid the physics. I was thinking pharmacy school after this, or stopping with Bachelors.

    How does the difficulty change as one progresses through the major?

    General Chemistry (not a big fan; made good grade without studying much; easy at cc) Organic Chemistry (took, dropped; loved it)
    Physical Chemistry (not taken)
    Biochemistry (not taken)
    Analytical Chemistry (not taken)
    Inorganic Chemistry (not taken)
    Other Upper Levels.

    How does the difficulty change from each? Is physical more like general than organic?
    If chemistry major is anything like organic chemistry, then chemistry is definitely for me.
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  3. May 27, 2013 #2
    Chemistry has four largely distinct areas of study; analytical, inorganic, physical and organic chemistry. Physical chemistry is similar to physics in comparison to organic chemistry.

    Most schools will give you the freedom to take electives in organic chemistry though, and you can join an organic chemistry lab at your university most likely and get a real flavor of what organic chemistry is like.

    In terms of difficulty, some people find organic impossibly difficult, some find physical chemistry very hard. P. Chem is more mathematical than organic, if you enjoy calculus then you'll probably like it.
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