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Programs BA of Physics&Math wants to get into Mechanical or Electrical or Optical Eng Phd

  1. Jun 23, 2012 #1
    I'm attending a 50+ Liberal Art college in physics and math, double major, I'm going to be a senior this fall and want to go to graduate school. I have major GPAs 3.81, 3,73 for physics and math respectively and 3.57 overall, GRE 670+800. I also conducted research at ORNL at material processing group on additive manufacturing, this is the only research I formally did.
    Does anyone here know of anything about physics&math major going into graduate school in Engineering field I mentioned in the title? Is it generally harder than BS, or engineering Bachelors? What is your suggestions if I just want to go to Engineering phd?

    Appreciate any comments :)
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    Quite a few people at my small liberal arts college have finished double majors in physics and math and gone on to do mechanical or chemical engineering phDs (one such major is currently doing a MechE phD at Johns Hopkins), so I know it is possible.

    As for the rigor, benefits and costs of taking such a route, I wish more people who have actually done this would provide further insight. I am still an undergraduate, and am planning to pursue graduate studies in engineering with a physics major/math minor as well.
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