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Background of the history of video games wanted

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    This was just a guess? How does the history of these games and systems really go, first there was Atari, for that system the most popular games were Pong, and Frogger. (Lesser popular games were Paper Boy, and E.T.)
    Then there was Nintendo correct? , for Nintendo the most well known games were Super Mario and Duck Hunt.
    Then there was Sega, Sega games were games such as Sonic the Hedge Hog.
    Then Game Boy came out, for Game Boy, there was Tetris.
    Then Super Nintendo was invented, for Super Nintendo there was Contra, Super Mario, and Xenobi amongst others.
    Then there was Sega Genises.
    Then, maybe X Box was the next gaming system, and then WI ?
    Any other games and systems not listed here ?
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    CNBC TV has a great documentary on the history of video games. Not only do they play it often but I believe you can now get instant online viewing of their documentaries from www.cnbc.com.
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    Japan had a rather expensive console back in the early 90's called Neogeo.
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    Before there were game consoles, there were computer games, and before that text based "adventure" games. Back in the mid to late 1970s both Apple and TRS-80 had games.
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