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Bacteria space travel

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    bacteria space travel !!

    If a bacteria was travelling through space at the speed of light would the cells
    divide at a constant or relative rate.

    Also would space travel effect the number of divisions..
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    Re: bacteria space travel !!

    Assuming that the environment is what they like, then a clock traveling with them would time their divisions identically no matter what the speed.
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    Re: bacteria space travel !!

    Before applying Special Relativity principle to bacteria, maybe you should learn a bit about Special Relativity first! For instance, try to correct your misconception about what apparently is your attempt at applying time dilation.

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    Re: bacteria space travel !!

    Well first, nothing can move at the speed of light so it wouldn't be possible. Second, time relatively stops at the speed of light so it is not applicable to record. Either way, time dilation would not affect this if you are travelling with the bacteria, and it would stay constant. From a different observable point, it would appear to be going much slower
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