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Basic single phase electric motor wiring help

  1. May 2, 2012 #1
    i have a 20 year old electric garage door motor that i cut out of the housing and kept but threw away the rest as garbage. now that i want to use the motor, i have no recollection of how the wiring worked. it is a very clean basic motor made by samsung. it's a 120 volt, 5 amp, single phase motor. it has 4 wires coming from the body. a red wire with a clip, a blue wire with a clip and a white wire that i cut and a black wire that i cut. the red and blue wire were attached to a start/run capacitor. the capacitor has 2 prongs with 2 receiver clips on each prong. i know i took the red and blue wires off of the capacitor but don't know if they came off of one of the prongs or were attached to each prong separately. i thought i remember the black and white wire going to the light bulb but it doesn't make sense that they would come out of the motor housing to power the light bulb. i don't have a schematic for the motor so if you know of where i could find one that might help. i have googled the make and model number and got nothing. it seems like it should be simple but i have tried putting 120 AC current to the white and black wire and blew a fuse. i've tried powering the capacitor and get spark but no motor runs. the motor isn't fried from what i can tell but i don't know. it's very clean and shaft turns very freely. i have not tried powering the red and blue wire directly with 120 AC because i'm afraid i would then damage something. i also have not done anything with the green ground wire. not sure how involved the ground wire is in start or running of this motor. any help would be appreciated. thanks for your time.
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