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Becoming a Pharmacist

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    I'm currently taking prerequisite classes at a community college (second semester) to enroll in a college which will grant me a PharmD but I'm not sure if I really want to become a pharmacist. The idea to be a pharmacist was actually my mothers and I had no better plans being a senior graduating from high school so I simply accepted it. Of course I'm interested in the sciences and I'd like to think I'm halfway decent at mathematics but I'd really like to know more about the job.

    What are the most challenging classes and how many years of college will it take to attain your degree?

    What sort of jobs could a pharmacist pursue?

    Are there opportunities to advance in your career?

    What is the starting salary and is there a sign in bonus?

    What are the some of the daily tasks that pharmacists are given?

    I'd love to know more about the job before I actually pursue it so any information would be great.
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    I haven't actually been to Pharmacy School, but I did work in a pharmacy for two years as a Pharmacy Tech in High School.. so basically, of what I know, an average day for the pharmacist was: Open the store and get the computer systems up and running, customers came in and we would take the medications or prescriptions they brought us and run them through a database that contained all of their information: Meds they were on, birth date, allergies, etc. He would print out what the prescription and we would look for the meds on the shelves. Occasionally he would do our jobs and count the pills and put them in the bottles. He also did his own accounting and stuff.

    So essentially, his job was stressful at times, but it was also very satisfying.. He was trained to give shots and he gave free blood pressure tests and stuff.. the customers were always satisfied, because of his kindness and care for them.. He mensioned some about school too..

    He said the first couple of years of Pharmacy school, of course, was very difficult.. they kind of weeded out the winners from the losers, and you had to work to get through it.. Idk what his undergrad degree was in, but he had courses in Accounting and the Chemistries and Physics. Physics is good to know when in Pharmacy school.. but he said in Pharmacy school, that you didn't actually have to memorize everything about every medication.. It's not what you know, but if you know where to find it..

    My advice to you,though, is to not let others tell you what you wanna be, or what your purpose in life is. That's what college is for.. for you to reflect upon yourself and who you really are, and what your interests really are.. If you think being a Pharmacist would be good for you, do it.. but if you are doing something just cause your mom said to do it, then don't.. It's better to do something you're interested in.. and something that your passionate about.. Do you like Chemistry and Physics and helping others with their physical disabilities and such, or would you rather go into something different? Think about this, and really look at yourself and what YOU want for your life..
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