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Behaviour of intrinsic semiconductor to an electric field

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    If I have a semiconductor junction of p-i and an electric field applied to it in forward bias, will the current flow?. How is the depletion region formed in intrinsic region since there are no free carriers there.What will be the electric field distribution through the intrinsic region?
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    What makes you believe there are no free carriers in intrinsic Si? Intrinsic Si has not been doped with any acceptor or donor elements, ideally it is pure Si. Electron-hole pairs are being thermally generated constantly just like with n and p type Si. The i layer has free carriers, except of course in a depletion zone. Did this help?

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    How can a depletion region be formed in intrinsic Si?Will they leave behind negative ions or positive ions?
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    When an intrinsic region adjoins a doped region, there can be depletion. If a slab of intrinsic is energized w/o any p-n junctions then there is no depletion.

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