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Ben from Ottawa

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    Hi, my name is Ben and I'm from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. My son and I are trying to understand more about math and physics. My educational background is philosophy (M.A.). He has grown up (he's now 18) always feeling insecure and left behind in math and physics and I want to change that. He is an artist--a musician and a writer, and an intelligent young man (I know I'm biased!!!), and I want him to learn about the world of science and math. This will help his self-confidence and open his world to the wonder and joy of learning things in a proper, fundamentally-oriented way. It is my further hope to learn myself, and eventually improve the way these subjects are taught in school, to help others who may have struggled or who will struggle. Nice to be here and take care everybody!
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Thank you very much!
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