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Homework Help: Bending of members made of several materials

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    when given a non homogeneous cross section, i know that i can find the bending(normal ) stresses by transforming the cross section into a homogeneous one by multiplying the area of one of the materials be 'n', where n=E1/E2,
    then i solve normally, finding the centroid of the new cross section, finding the moment of inertia, and then simply using stress=-y*M/I, finally when calculationg the stress for the second material(the one i transformed), i multiply the answer i got by the same'n' i used.

    can this method be used to calculate the shear stress somehow?? how would i find the shear stress in a non homogeneous cross section,

    if stress=V*Q/(Ib) how do i calculate Q and I? can i use the same normal as in normal stress
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    Exactly. That is how you do determine the stress needs of whatever is fastening the two materials together, be it glue, welds or some other discrete fastener such as rivets.
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