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A member of parliament (MP) is the representative of the people who live in their constituency. In many countries with bicameral parliaments, this category includes specifically members of the lower house, as upper houses often have a different title. Member of Congress or Deputy is an equivalent term in other jurisdictions. Another term is Parliamentarian.
Members of parliament seem to tend to form parliamentary groups (also called parliamentary parties) with members of the same political party.

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  1. Greg Bernhardt

    Humor Award

    Please select up to 3 members who tickle your funny bone the most here at PF in 2023. Oftentimes comedy is the perfect companion to science! This is a popular vote. Polls were created by weighing activity levels in comedic threads and positive reactions. Everyone nominated should feel honored...
  2. Greg Bernhardt

    Academic Guidance Award

    Please select up to 3 members who were most impactful in the academic and career guidance forums in 2023. This is a popular vote. Polls were created by weighing activity and measure of helpfulness. Everyone nominated should feel honored. Many more could be added to this poll, we can never...
  3. K

    Free body diagram for two-force members

    Hoping someone can chip in and help me understand a problem when it comes to two-force members. I have a structure as shown below. Essentially its a single body attached at 3 points with pin joints. My question is, is it appropriate to treat each of the left and right side as individual...
  4. greg_rack

    Engineering Transverse shear stress calculation in non-slender built up members

    Hi guys, this is an exercise I have been tasked to solve for an assignment. First of explaining you what I have done to solve it using the shear equation, in order to find the maximum shear stress and the shear flow in the juncture, one big question: how is it legal to utilize the shear formula...
  5. N

    Mechanics of materials - shear flow in built up members

    Hello! I am new to mechanics of materials and I am very confused about the problem below. So the shear formula is: tau = VQ/It From the book (Hibbeler) I understand that Q is "y'A', where A' is the cross-sectional area of the segment that is connected to the beam at the juncture where the...
  6. DennisN

    Are you ready to celebrate with fellow PF members this Christmas?

    Merry Christmas PF members! Thanks everyone for another interesting and fun year! And thanks to @Greg Bernhardt for keeping the forum alive! (especially during these trying times we have lived, and are living, with the corona virus)
  7. AJSayad

    Online ME or AE Program for Active Duty Military Service Members

    Hello everyone, I have a friend who serves in the military, he enlisted right out of high school (about 3 years ago) and he is looking to start a program to earn his bachelors degree. Due to his current role in the military, he needs to take courses online in order to fulfill his duties. He...
  8. A

    Shear flow in thin-walled members -- Hibbeler confusion

    Hello: I was reading about thin-walled members under shear force, specifically example 7-7 of Hibbeler's Engineering Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials. First, the fourth Edition: As you can see above. He starts by computing the moment of inertia on the first equation by subtracting a rectangle...
  9. sysprog

    Great one-liners from PF members

    Sometimes I see a line (or maybe a brief multiline) post or part of a post in the Physics Forums that I think is pithy, witty, and maybe acerbically funny. I invite other members to post accordingly. I'll start with a few recent ones: Well, the 3rd law is a bit problematic in relativity...
  10. mingyz0403

    Engineering Truss problem with counter members

    Since the question only asked for one member, I was trying to solve it using method of section. I cut in the middle of BD. I was unable to solve it because it has 4 unknown. Then I looked at the solution, it say that CD is zero force member. I don’t understand why CD is zero force member. Could...
  11. D

    Optimized "4 Zero Force Members: Check If You Have It Right

    This truss is supposed to have 4 zero force members and i have picked the following. Does it look right? Left side: Join has 2 members of which the colinear are the 2 vertical members and so the horizontal must be 0 Right side: Join has 2 members with no external load, therefore both are 0 I am...
  12. S

    American & Canadian PF members only: colonial roots?

    As a follow-up to a previous thread I started about % of white Americans with colonial roots, I thought I'd pose the following question below, about whether any of you (American or Canadian PF members), as far as you know, have roots in what is now Canada or the US dating back to the 17th or...
  13. david2

    Why are family members different?

    i mean why is my brother physically different then me. why aren't we twins by default? don't we have the same chromosomes inhererented from our parents? aren't zygotes the same from the start? dumb question prolly, but i do not have the answer. are chromosomes copied with errors or something...
  14. A

    Torsion in thin-walled members

    is T=2*q*A formuala valid for both open thin-walled and closed thin-walled members, where T is torque, q is shear flow, and A is the Area.
  15. Z

    Combinations possible when choosing 4 or 5 team members from

    Homework Statement How many combinations of people are there if you choose 4 or 5 from a group of 10? Homework Equations Relies on binomials The Attempt at a Solution binomial (10,4) = binomial (10,6) = 210 But when choosing 5 the answer is binomial (10,5) / 2 = 126 Why do I need to divide by 2?
  16. A

    Other Books by Physics Forums Members

    Hi everyone! First of all I want to congratulate @Orodruin for his book publication! I myself thought that maybe someday, I would like to write a book. So I became a little bit curious about other titles that may have been written by Physicsforum members. I hear Benjamin Crowell is also a member...
  17. C

    Finding forces in members of frames

    Homework Statement I'm trying to solve for this problem below.How would you be able to get the force in member ID and GC? Find the reaction forces in member AFGH Homework Equations ∑M = 0 ∑[F][/y] = 0 ∑[F][/x] = 0[/B] The Attempt at a Solution I dismembered all of its parts but no matter...
  18. L

    What to do about lazy group members?

    I am a Computer Science major - I am unfortunately in a group where the other two members are lazy, and I end up doing most of the work. It's too late to change groups. The class itself consists of a research paper/presentations, as well as a programming project/app. Every time I clearly tell...
  19. H

    Memorable quotes from PF members

    Anything of neme (or is it meme??) type quality. This one regarding off topic posts is as subtle as a brick: Thanks Professor N.
  20. G

    MHB Find x and y if x, y are members of real numbers and: (x+i)(3-iy)=1+13i

    Find x and y if x, y are members of real numbers and: (x+i)(3-iy)=1+13i I first expanded it to give: 3x-yix+3i+y=1+13i Then I equaled 3x+y=1 and -yx+3=13 But afterwards I do other steps and get the wrong answer.
  21. Stephanus

    Does Russia have more time zones than any other country?

    HAPPY NEW YEAR PF FORUM May this year brings joyful and happiness to all of us. And may new discoveries for the good of humanity comes up.
  22. J

    Zero-force members prevent a truss from becoming a mechanism -- Why?

    My professor explained to us that the purpose of a zero-force member in a truss is to increase the stability of the truss during construction, to provide added support if the loading is changed and to prevent the structure from becoming a mechanism. It is this latter point that I do not...
  23. F

    Shear flow in thin wall members

    Homework Statement In the notes , I don't understand that flange is thin , and the top and bottom surface are free of stress , can someone help to explain please? Secondly , why the q' is assumed to be q ' throughout the flange is assumed to be 0 ? why are they stress free ? We could see that...
  24. T

    MHB Calculating Likelihood of Proposal Passage in Council Vote of 9 Members

    In a council vote for a proposal, there a nine council members. There is a 60% chance that each council person will vote in favour of the proposal. What is then likelihood that the proposal will pass? So, this means that 5 or greater members must vote in favour. These are independent events...
  25. A

    Solving Truss Equations: Find Force in Members EA, EF and EG

    Homework Statement Find force in members EA, EF and EG given the loads shown. A and G are pinned supports. Homework Equations Three equations of equilibrium for sections (method of sections) 2 equations for any node (method of joints). I also used the dimensions to decompose member forces. The...
  26. kostoglotov

    How Do X-Braces Affect Indeterminate Truss Analysis?

    Homework Statement For a larger project we had to redesign a truss to prevent certain members going beyond yield stress. I've found that due to the nature of the reaction forces and the supports used, the only way to do this is to introduce an X-brace in the bay nearest the supports (as well...
  27. ChloeYip

    Identification of zero-force members

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B39n6QfDU8f3SE9nUHhHckRIRFE/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B39n6QfDU8f3SE9nUHhHckRIRFE/view?usp=sharing 1. Homework Statement I am not sure about the concept of zero-forced members. There are forces applied on the members, why are they...
  28. M

    MHB MHB Members: A Poem on the MathHelpboard Community

    I have seen poems about MHB , so now this is the time to compose a poem about it's members. So here is it, (Tongueout) There's a site called Mathhelpboards, Math loving members are always on board (Tongueout) Evgeny is a master on geometry MarkFl is a king on trigonometry (Tongueout)...
  29. beamie564

    Music PF Members' Hobbies: Music, Sports & More

    Hi all! I was just wondering what hobbies/interests do you have other than academia? I've always wanted to learn to play a music instrument and lately I've taken a liking to classical music, been thinking about signing up for violin classes.
  30. CrazyNinja

    Visualizing PF Members: Avatars, Names, and Identities

    Drakkith has already initiated a post on this, but I wanted to ask this again: How do you visualise a PF member when you interact with them? Do you see them as their avatars? What if they don't have one? Do you visualise them by their names? What if their names and avatars collide (like mine...
  31. S

    Statics: find zero-force members in frame

    Homework Statement We are given this frame and asked to find the forces at C, D, E and F. Distance from D to E is 16 feet. Distance from C to D is 8 feet; distance from E to F is also 8 feet. Distance from A to D is 6 feet; distance from D to G also 6 feet.[/B]Homework EquationsThe Attempt...
  32. D

    Need help using Method of Members to find reaction forces

    Homework Statement Determine the components of the forces acting on each member of the pin-connected frame shown. (the frame shown is drawn as a free-body diagram in the image provided below (the top-most portion) and is correct) Homework Equations Equilibrium equations: ∑M=0 ∑Fx=0 ∑Fy=0 The...
  33. D

    Which members in the truss are zero force?

    Homework Statement Okay, I need help quick, exam in few hours, I won't be able to reply to this later. http://puu.sh/lQeXl/42907b0a12.jpg In my lectures notes this is given. In the example shown with it, the one on the right in particular. Look at Joint C, it is unloaded, it also has to...
  34. V

    How to identify members in a truss as compression or tension?

    Homework Statement Is this correct? The sum of the forces in the Y have to be zero and there is only two y-components so it's pretty simple to determine this. There are also only two x-components so those will also cancel each other out as they have to go in opposite directions to balance as...
  35. piJohn1411

    What Is the Best Way to Welcome New Members in a Scientific Community?

    Hi everyone! I am a new member. :)
  36. M

    Find zero force members of a truss

    I was wondering how members CL and JE are zero members? They both have forces applied to them, so why would it be zero? The attached image is the solution.
  37. A

    Finding Reaction Forces on Pin Supports in a Static Equilibrium System

    Homework Statement I am given the forces on picture and I´m asked to find the reactions on both supports. I see they are pin supports so they ask me for 4 unknowns. Homework Equations Sum of forces in both directions equal to zero Sum of torques wrt a convenient point equal to zero THREE...
  38. S

    Method Of Members: Finding reactions

    Homework Statement Dont really need the answer, but I want to know if point C has Cx and Cy or just Cy. I am confused there.
  39. F

    Identifying zero force members in truss

    http://imgur.com/lPIRaie 1. What are the Zero force members in this truss? 2. Is the truss internally statically determinate? Im not too sure what question 2 is but I would guess yes? Many thanks~
  40. D

    Statics problem -- Hinged members and anchor points supporting a mass

    Homework Statement Member BC exerts on Member AC a force P directed along line knowing that P must have a 325 N horizontal component, determine (a) the magnitude of the force P, Homework Equations Trig I suppose The Attempt at a Solution So I'm not sure if this correct I found two angles...
  41. L

    Free body diagram drawing for a two force members on machine

    Homework Statement When a force of 2 lb is applied to the handles of the brad squeezer, it pulls in the smooth rod AB. Determine the force P exerted on each of the smooth brads at C and D Homework Equations ##\sum F_x=0## ##\sum M=0## ##\sum F_y=0## The Attempt at a Solution I drew a free...
  42. RaulTheUCSCSlug

    Ghosts on Physics Forums: Who's Here & Who's Not?

    The website on the main page on the lower right will tell you the staff that is on, and some of the members, along with that it tells you how many guests and how many "ghosts" are these just random computers that have left Physics Forums open in another tab? (Something I have been guilty of many...
  43. I

    Tension and compression in axially loaded members

    The question tells us that a tensile force of 80kN acts upon the thin rod and hence we know there will be an equal but opposite force on the other side. However, I don't understand why there are compressive forces on the tube? We aren't told about this in the question. Thanks
  44. c3po

    Finding the members of the Lie algebra of SO (n)

    Homework Statement Show that the members of the Lie algebra of SO(n) are anti-symmetric nxn matrices. To start, assume that the nxn orthogonal matrix R which is an element of SO(n) depends on a single parameter t. Then differentiate the expression: R.RT= I with respect to the parameter t...
  45. Suraj M

    Where Did the Regular Forum Members Go?

    I was just googling something which led me to an old PF thread, i saw a few awarded members like @hootnany, @Kurdt, @Njorl @Enigma and many more.I don't see them around, What happened to them?? PS I'm sorry if i included someone who actually is still around(i haven't)
  46. S

    [Trusses] Problem finding forces in members

    Can anyone please explain where does 5/sqrt29 and 3/sqrt34 come from? I already got BC/know how to find BC, but in my own method, I tried to use moment about A or B, knowing that there is HGx, HGy & HCy, HCx -- there are way too many unknowns @ H. So, looking at this, I'm wondering where does...
  47. P

    Most Effective 7 Members Truss in Scilab

    Hello everyone, I'm attempting to come up with a way to calculate the most efficient 7 members truss layout using Scilab. The assignment is to make a highway sign support. It has to be L shaped and the truss system is only for the top horizontal part. Two supports. The sign is hanging at the...
  48. K

    Calculating size of wooden members

    I need help calculating the size of the wood members I need in my truss. I understand the basics; I first need to calculate the load, then the stress on each member, then pick a wooden member which has that stress with a safety factor of let's say 2.0. The reason why I want to perform the...
  49. Feodalherren

    [ME statics] Two force members

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Was trying to solve for the horizontal reaction at B. Why is BC a two-force member but not AE?
  50. I

    For Integral and all forum members - semiconductors industries

    Hello Integral and all the forum members, Before approximate 8 months I read that some big companies begin to invest a lot of money in change the wafer size from 300 millimeters diameter to 450 millimeters diameter, in these days one friend tell me that he hear that all the industries in...