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Best book for Electromagnetic Theory & Transmission Lines

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    best book for "Electromagnetic Theory & Transmission Lines"

    We've this subject of "electromagnetic theory and transmission lines" this semester..and i wanted to know which books deal the content properly ...mastering this topic may require that one cool book (and ofcourse, regular effort)...and i'm looking for that book : ) ..
    thanks in advance...
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    Re: best book for "Electromagnetic Theory & Transmission Lines"

    I don't suggest a cook book for this subject. I have over 8 books on EM, I don't think there is one best. I boiled down to two.

    For EM theory, I use the physics book "Introduction to Electrodynamics" by David Griffiths.

    For Tx Line and EM waves, I use "Field and Wave Electromagnetics" by David K Cheng.

    If you want one that is very easy but good even though it is not quite enough. "Electromagnetics For Engineer " by Fawwaz T. Ulaby.

    Ulaby book is used by San Jose State, it is the easiest, a very good book, too easy to be a stand alone book as it miss a lot of the important subject. But whatever is in the book, it is very good. Whenever I have problem understanding Cheng, I always went back to Ulaby and found an easy explanation.
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    Re: best book for "Electromagnetic Theory & Transmission Lines"

    I think the Ulaby book has some good chapters for understanding transmission lines, reflections, impedance, and has smith charts, but it is rather lacking if you want to learn electromagnetic theory.

    Griffiths has a lot of good physics on the subject and is very close to the theory. Definitely read this before you read Ulaby if you have the time. Ulaby is more applied and like yungman said its almost too easy that you don't learn the theory.
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    Re: best book for "Electromagnetic Theory & Transmission Lines"

    thanks a ton, yungman! this is something which i definitely should look into .. !
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    Re: best book for "Electromagnetic Theory & Transmission Lines"

    thanks alot DragonPetter !
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    Re: best book for "Electromagnetic Theory & Transmission Lines"

    You could look at an intensely practical little book

    Transmission Lines for Communications

    by Davidson
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    Re: best book for "Electromagnetic Theory & Transmission Lines"

    Griffiths is very good in the fundamentals of EM which is the first 8 chapters, both Ulaby and Cheng are kind of thin because as EE, you don't need as much of those. Both tried to explain in simpler form but this is not for the weak of heart. You try to dilute the content, you end up getting confused more. There is just no easy way to present those but dive in all the way. But Griffiths falls short of Phasor representation that is so important for understanding Tx line and RF design. It picked up again in chapter 10 and 11 that deal with retarded potentials and radiations. I worked through the problems of these two chapters and you need all the vector calculus and all. This book is like a continuation of vector calculus class( not just the Cal III that so called multi variables).

    You can skip the first 6 chapters of Ulaby, it's just simply inadequate. It's like lower division physics class. But it start to shine from chapter 7. It only cover lossless media in EM wave and Tx lines, but the material is second to no one. I am surprised the little Ulaby get into antennas, but that little bit is very well written.

    Cheng is the only one that go into lossy medium where the equation get a lot more complicated. This is the part where this book really shine. Have not seen a book detailed the lossy dielectric and how it affect the Tx lines as good. But it can still use some help from Ulaby. If you get Griffiths, you can skip the first 8 chapter and just study the chapter 9, 10 and some 11. Saidly the antenna chapter is not that good.

    I strongly suggest getting all three books.....used. They are not very expensive. I learn all my EM on my own just from these three. I totally study on my own, I always buy multiple books for each subject. I think I have more books on each subject I studied than book stores. I never......never seen a book that is good in all facet of the subject, not even close. As perfect as Griffith, it fall short in one big important subject.
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