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Other Best career move? Opportunity at a local community college...

  1. May 9, 2016 #1
    Hello all,

    I could really use some advice. Here's my backstory:
    I used to work as an actuarial analyst; however, I wanted to get in to a job that actually does more in the way of value creation in the economy. I want to do this as I want to eventually be in a position that allows me to sort of work in a field that "practices" sensible economics. As well, I want a position that has a strong future--health insurance, IMO is not it due primarily to Affordable Care Act and the merging of major insurance carriers.
    Now, I left my company for a financial analyst position with a distribution company. That only lasted a few months, because the environment was terrible. I am a great worker with great skills, and their's was an environment of nepotism, rudeness, and low employee morale. I contacted my previous company and am now back--a higher salary, and I don't have to do actuarial work anymore. I'm now obtaining my master in finance and economics, because I want to also teach it eventually....primarily I want to teach economics.
    However, a local community college has a benefits analyst position available. I like the idea for two reasons, first I can learn how to drive down college costs which grows way too fast. Also, it can be an easy foot in the door for my actual passion: teaching.
    But I don't want to burn my company; I just don't think they'll make it a few more years. Plus I work as a data guru now, and I don't want to be a data monkey constantly...my job is easy, and I love that fact. I love the family environment we have, and I can probably always hold a position here if I stay. But I want to be a manager in a financial department...I want to tell a company how to control costs and give direction.

    Now I'm 28, and I don't know what I should do. I'm just afraid I'll miss the boat if I pass this opportunity.
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    Apply and figure/work it out later? It sounds like you are going to regret missing out on this opportunity.

    I'm not as experience or as educated as you; so: My recommendation may not be a viable option, and I apologize if this is the case. Is it guaranteed that you'll achieve this community college position? Maybe you'll apply and you wont be selected, then you have nothing to worry about. If you are selected, then you have some choices. I wouldn't be surprised if communication was the key to a successful transition should you choose it - Apply, and if selected (or if there is a lot of promise), then discuss some of the ideas with your current employer. They re-hired you... which leads me to believe that your relationship with that organization is pretty good.

    I'd love to see what others think.
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    Along the lines of what JPrz wrote...Not sure why you don't just apply for the community college job and see how things go from there. It's not like you're a slam dunk for that opening, but if you do get it you may be able to work out a Fall 2016 start, thus giving your current employer plenty of time to hire a replacement. If the college won't negotiate a start date, then you don't have to make the move. But don't get too caught up in sentimentality about the job - keep in mind it's always about the bottom line.

    p.s. An M.S. in econ does may not be enough to secure a teaching job in same
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