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Best circuit designing program for designing cpu?

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    Hey all, what is the best software (free) that allows you to build virtual circuits and 'run' them? Something that could support large circuits, such as a cpu?
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    A modern CPU is a huge project.

    I built a very simple 16-bit CPU for university some years ago, I think we used Quartus - with a university licence, not the free version. I don't know how much the free version can do. You'll certainly want the feature to make new blocks out of individual circuits to combine them on a higher level, otherwise the circuit diagram will become way too messy.
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    Forgot to mention i'm going for 8 bit. Thank you so much.
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    try this site
    I'd look at vhdl or Verilog on an fpga
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    Xilinx ISE is alright if you don't mind using 'old' software, I've used that and modelsim for digital logic simulation before. Like thankz said, either VHDL or verilog will work.
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