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Best Engineering schools on the east coast?

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    Ok so I live in Virginia and want to go to school for engineering, the problem is picking one. I am applying to Virginia Tech and UVA and I should get into those. I am gonna apply to MIT just to see if I get in (I have a strong resume but I know it takes a hell of a lot more than that). But I don't just want to constrain myself to those schools, but if I go out of state I want to stay on the east coast. So what are the best engineering schools on the east coast that I might want to check out?
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    Georgia Tech.
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    What major?
    RPI and RIT are good.
    CMU,PSU, and maybe BU.
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    Try Cornell.
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    Penn State and U of Mich are rated pretty highly, although I could never tell from their graduates.
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