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Best Grad Schools for PDE and Probability and Math Subject Test

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    I have 2 questions:

    First, where can I find the best graduate schools for PDE & Probability? I'm thinking MIT and NYU are really good, although I could be wrong.

    Second, I was wondering if my expected math background is good enough to get into the 90th percentile on the GRE Subject Test:

    Calc 1-3
    Linear Algebra
    Abstract Algebra
    Real Analysis
    Complex Analysis
    Numerical Analysis
    Probability Theory
    Mathematical Statistics
    Capstone Project: Stochastic Processes

    I won't have discrete math, number theory, geometry, or topology. Would I need to take courses on these subjects?

    Thank you
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    Your course work is fine for the math gre, but that's not what the math gre is about. It's quite a bit different than most upper division math classes.

    1) Are you fast? Most people I know who take the math gre have struggled to finish and most can't actually complete the full 66 questions.

    2) Hows your calculus? Not analysis, just basic calculus. There are a lot of tricky calculus problems.
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