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Solid State Best solid state physics textbook that can replace Kittel

  1. Mar 17, 2016 #1

    I am having a really bad semester with solid state physics material, the book "introduction to solid state physics" by kittel is hard to follow and vague also it doesn't provide good explanations, always brief and fast. More than that my prof. is really good but have problems in explaining things.

    We use kittel from ch.1 to ch.7. Is there any good replacements to kittel that have the same content "not distributed along the book, so that I can really.replace it"?

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    Ashcroft/Mermin Solid state physics is much more in depth and precise.
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    I think that if the OP is having problems with Kittel, Ashcroft/Mermin text might be an even bigger hurdle (especially the exercises).

    I will recommend two Dover books by Walter Harrison. "Solid State Theory" and "Electronic Structure and Properties of Solids" were valuable resources to me when I started studying solid state physics. One of them (I forget which) has the best treatment of Boltzmann transport of any books that I've encountered.

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    Funny, I had always problems with Harrison. But I have to add that Harrison is a very interesting book.
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